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5 Reasons Why Installing a Trade Waste Program In Your Business Is Necessary

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Many Australians have embraced the concept of reusing and recycling in their home environments. But how much recycling do you do in your work environment? While you might recycle cans, paper and plastic what about liquid waste?

A little known fact is that about 90% of everything in your business can be recycled once it’s served its purpose. As any certified mechanical plumber will tell you, an effective trade waste program includes everything from regular garbage to liquid waste in restaurants. And it’s something all businesses should consider.

What is Trade Waste?

Essentially, trade waste refers to all non-human liquid waste generated on commercial properties that usually flows straight into your sewerage system. Liquid trade waste stems from food, agricultural and manufacturing industries. This can include any of the following:

  • Grease
  • Oils
  • Grey water (such as dishwashing water in restaurants)
  • Industrial chemicals

Why Shouldn’t Trade Waste End Up In the Sewer?

Since trade waste is primarily just some form of liquid, you might be wondering why you can’t just let it flow down the drain into the sewer. When trade waste hasn’t been correctly treated, the effects on the sewer system can be:

  • Chemicals in the liquid waste can accelerate corrosion on the pipes in the sewer system
  • Liquid waste can generate odours and gases that can affect the sewage treatment process
  • Grease and oil build-up can create fatbergs and block drains
  • Harsh chemicals can burn or cause respiratory illnesses to sanitation workers
  • Any leaking pipes can dispel the waste into the ground or surrounding streets & walkways

The Importance of an Effective Trade Waste Program

Despite many corporate businesses adopting some sort of recycling program, the reality is, many still have a long way to go. Depending on the business you’re running, whether or not you recycle your trade waste might depend on the legislation in your state.

There are a few important reasons why it’s important to adopt a practice of corporate sustainability. Let’s dive in and look at exactly how correctly disposing of trade waste will benefit your business.

1.      Compliance with Local Council Regulations

If you’ve recently opened a restaurant or any other type of business that generates wastewater, oils or chemicals, it’s important to note that Australian legislation in your area might prohibit disposal into sewers. This means you won’t be able to just pour it down the drain as planned.

Consult with a local mechanical plumber to install a trade waste system that will ensure the waste is disposed of correctly. As any business owner will tell you, complying with legal regulations is the number one way to prevent fines and keep the doors open!

2.      Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

With a considerable amount of emphasis on green living, it has become equally important to ensure that businesses do their part. Disposing of trade waste in a recycled, safe and ethical manner will help your business reduce any potential negative impacts on the business.

There’s no need to keep your recycling, repurposing or ethical disposal of trade waste a secret. You can easily advertise that your business is a “green business”. This will increase your turnover as many people have vowed to only do business with companies that aim to reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainability is the current buzzword – use it to your advantage!

3.      Minimise Potential Health Hazards

If your business doesn’t dispose of trade waste correctly, this liquid can overflow into the surrounding properties and groundwater. Depending on the chemicals in the wastewater, this could cause health risks. Additionally, trade waste that isn’t disposed of correctly can also increase pollution around your business.

Ultimately, an organisation responsible for putting the surrounding communities’ health at risk won’t be in business for very long! No one wants to live near or do business with a company that’s causing pollution or negatively affecting the general health of everyone concerned.

4.      Gives You an Edge Over Competitors

Effective dealing with your wastewater makes your company more attractive to customers. Research has shown that many consumers agreed they are willing to pay more for brands and products that promote sustainability. Using your products or eating at a sustainable restaurant makes consumers feel like they are also going the extra mile to reduce their own carbon footprint.

5.      Reduce Potential Plumbing Costs

Flushing grease, oils and chemicals down the sink or drain can lead to damaged plumbing or drainpipes. This in turn leads to extensive plumbing costs when the blockages need to be removed, or the damaged pipes replaced. Having a trade waste system in place will ensure that harmful chemicals or oils don’t end up in the pipes.

Final Thought

Knowing what trade waste is and how to correctly dispose of it will benefit your business and will go a long way toward creating corporate sustainability. Additionally, you’ll be sure that your business complies with local council regulations. Do your bit for the environment – ask a certified mechanical plumber to create a trade waste disposal system perfectly suited to your business!

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