5 Smart Ways to Stay Well-Prepared for a Medical Emergency in 2022


A major lesson COVID-19 taught us is that life is unpredictable. Medical emergencies can hit anytime and we must be prepared to ‘expect the unexpected’. Taking financial precautions is one of the most practical ways to weather the storm. It can help receive high-end treatments on time and increase your chances of survival. You do not have to drain your finances like breaking an FD or dipping into the savings bucket. Simply apply for instant loans. The top commercial banks offer competitive interest rates and flexible tenures.
Getting a personal loan is a paperless and hassle-free process. This makes it quick and easier to opt for amid a crisis. Take a look at how it can be beneficial without disrupting your other investment goals.

1.     Stock the Essentials

Create a fully equipped first aid box. It must contain cold and flu medicines, hand sanitisers, and layered masks. Other important products would be anti-depressants, antiseptic solutions, sterile cotton, painkillers and band-aids and bandages. You can also pick an oximeter to keep checking your O2 levels frequently. Get in touch with a physician to know what else would be necessary amid an ongoing pandemic. A part of the medical emergency loan can be used to buy these without worrying about the bills.

2.     Get a Medical Insurance

The current healthcare cost might be heavy on your pocket. The best banks will offer funds up to ₹40 lakhs. No need to offer collateral or security which could be an extra headache during an emergency. Borrow according to your needs and invest in medical insurance. Pay the premiums on time to be able to reap the benefits. Policyholders can enjoy cashless facilities for pre and post hospitalization charges, medical check-ups and ambulances. This ensures timely intervention which is extremely necessary to save lives.

3.     Long-Term Treatment

A few chronic illnesses include arthritis, diabetes, asthma and Parkinson disease. These can flare up anytime due to several physical and environmental conditions. The symptoms can worsen if you catch the COVID virus. This can lead to a fearful situation and require quick help. Further, you or your loved ones might have to undergo long-term treatments and medical procedures to reduce the discomforts. Have a medical emergency loan handy to fund the expenses for a prolonged period. Opt for a top-up facility if you exhaust the money.

4.     Get Fully Vaccinated

Studies have found that 64% of Indian adults are fully vaccinated as of December 2021. If you are not one of this population, consider getting your shot. Use the funds from an instant loan that come with transparent fees and are quite affordable. Book slots at high-end reputed hospitals instead of opting for the free dosages You are less likely to compromise on your health. These are safe and reliable and ensure a smooth and time-effective process.

5.     Get a Medical Check-Up

Prevention is always better than cure. So why not get a medical examination done? Use a portion of the quick loans to get a COVID test if you notice symptoms. Blood sugar, serum cholesterol, blood count (haemoglobin) and urine tests are also necessary. Get a package at the best hospital without having to worry about the expenses. You can pay back the loan via pocket-friendly EMIs at the end of each month.

These are a few of the simplest and do-able ways to stay protected against an emergency. Work with a trusted bank to ensure time loan disbursals.

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