6 Benefits of Having a Well-Maintained Stormwater Drainage System


There’s no denying it – rain is essential to our survival. But, just as much as rainwater provides the water we need to survive, the same amount of rainwater can be devastating if it’s not drained and managed correctly. Since there is no way of postponing rain or diverting it elsewhere, the only real solution is an effective stormwater drainage system on your property.

A key function of industrial plumbing is to ensure that stormwater drains are regularly cleaned and maintained. If you don’t already have a stormwater drainage system on your property, it’s time to speak to your local industrial plumber.

Top Reasons Why Storm Drains MUST be Maintained

There are several benefits to having a well-maintained storm drainage system on or around your property. Read on as we delve into the advantages of installing and maintaining such a system.

1.      Stormwater Drainage Systems Reduce Flooding

One of the biggest indicators that a stormwater drain either doesn’t exist or isn’t being maintained is large amounts of rainwater having nowhere to go during a heavy downpour. For the most part, if the rainfall isn’t too excessive, it can easily be absorbed into the ground. However, when rainfall is consistent and doesn’t let up for a few days, you’re looking at potential flooding.

Having a properly maintained drainage system will provide the water with a place to go, even during bouts of severe downpours. This is very important in areas more prone to flooding.

2.      Prevent Damage to the Property & Plants

While your plants are overjoyed at the prospect of rain, too much can be harmful. Consistent downpour can also cause soil erosion which in turn hampers the particular ecosystem on and around your property. Aside from damage to plants and grass, excessive water can cause severe damage to buildings on the property.

3.      Collected Water Can Be Re-used

With the increased effects of climate change, many areas experience instances of excessive drought followed by severe downpours and flooding. The problem is, when it does eventually rain, it’s too much water all at once, so it may not be properly utilized.

The good news is advancements in technology allow your industrial plumber to install a drainage system that not only stores the additional water but filters it as well. You can use the stored water for watering crops, plants or even for cattle and animals when there’s no rain. Areas prone to bushfires in the summer months can easily store the water for putting out fires.

4.      Reduce the Spread of Contaminants

Another major concern of pooled water centres around the spread of potential disease and contaminants. Water that’s left to pool can easily create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mould and other contaminants. Diseases such as cholera and diphtheria are commonly caused by pooled water.

When the water eventually gets moving again, the bacteria is spread from one area to another. Pooled water also presents a risk to children or pets who walk through or play in the water. A drainage system creates a safe environment for all by taking the water away from the surface.

5.      Minimise Potential Damage to Surrounding Infrastructure

Aside from damage to residential properties, the lack of effective stormwater drainage systems can result in damage to surrounding infrastructures. Excessive water building up on motorways and sidewalks can cause severe damage to the roads and bridges. This in turn can lead to chaos if there are vehicles on the roads and their weight causes a road collapse.

6.      Reduces Risk of Damage to Other Pipes and Cables

In general, the underground pipes and cables that run around and through your property can handle a limited amount of water exposure. Severe flooding can result in plumbing pipe collapse and severely affect sanitation and clean water reaching your property.

How to Keep Your Stormwater Drainage System Effective

Fortunately, keeping your stormwater drainage system maintained is a lot easier than you might think. Simply follow these few rules:

  • Drains are for rain: Always abide by this golden rule – Never throw anything in the stormwater drainage system except water.
  • Ensure drains are free from debris: Just because you aren’t throwing anything in the drain doesn’t mean it will always be clean. Leaves, soil and plant roots can easily block drains. Look for signs of blockage, such as overflowing even in light rain and clean when necessary.
  • Check for damage: If you have stormwater drains on your property, ensure that you perform regular checks for damage. Speak to your industrial plumber for a list of the signs that indicate damage. The best time to check for damage will be just after a bout of rain when you’ll be able to see signs of overflowing, blockage and potential damage. Be sure to report any signs of overflow to the relevant Australian department if it’s off your property.

Final Thought

As you can see, the reasons to keep your stormwater drainage system clean and maintained are beneficial to your property as well as the surrounding areas. And keeping your drainage system in check is as easy as speaking to your local industrial plumber to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to keep your property safe!

So let’s all do our part—for our own sake and others!

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