6 Home Improvements That Improve Market Appeal


Making a home more attractive to buyers is not always easy, no matter how strong the housing market may seem. There is also the consideration of competition. It is not uncommon for properties to see their own value lessened by the appeal of nearby alternatives.

To ensure that a seller sees a suitable return on their investment a number of considerations must be made. Generally, estate agents and market advisors will make recommendations. These can be rather obvious (but no less important) such as considering kerb appeal and repainting interiors. However, beyond these common considerations, there are also improvements that homeowners can make, as well as minor investments that will see their property become increasingly attractive to buyers and even a rise in estimated value.

Underfloor Heating

Becoming more efficient and more affordable in recent years, underfloor heating is a standout feature to a home that continues to add significant value to a property. In addition to alleviating a space of alternative heating methods, such as radiators, underfloor heating is an asset that feels like a luxury, encouraging potential buyers to perceive a property as decadent and comfortable.

While historical examples of underfloor heating have used waterpipes, modern designs are easy-to-lay mats that work on electrical charge. Once set beneath the floor, they can even be controlled by a mobile device.

Larger Windows

In an age of well-being and sustainability, natural light is a valuable resource. Homes that have larger windows have a greater ability to welcome brightness into their living spaces, helping rooms to feel spacious. As residents tend to spend more time indoors, especially with remote working routines, this is increasingly sought-after.

Log Cabins

Garden outbuildings, such as log cabins, are in high demand. The reasons for this are plentiful. Some residents want to expand their living space in an affordable way, while others want to create a home office. Some simply want to make better use of their garden throughout the year, without being limited by the climate. Regardless of motivation, a log cabin is an affordable luxury that adds notable appeal to a home.

Security Features

External lighting and internal camera systems are an often overlooked feature of comfort in homes. Interior designs are primarily visual, neglecting the sense of comfort that comes from security. Properties that do equip themselves with effective systems of deterrence and monitoring tend to earn attention on the market, improving their value and making them more attractive as a home.


The technological landscape is currently in an odd period, especially within homes. Properties are becoming smart and with a wider array of gadgets but, at the same time, wires are considered ugly and archaic. As such, homes should invest in wireless alternatives or living space designs that conceal the electrical infrastructure of devices.

Car Charging Device

Electrical vehicles are no longer a fringe prediction and are, instead, becoming very much mainstream. As such, homes that futureproof themselves with an electric vehicle charging point will find themselves gaining more attention (and higher offers) on the market.

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