6 Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Swimming Pool Area


A swimming pool is not just a place for relaxation and fun; it can also serve as a focal point in your outdoor space. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can transform your pool area into a captivating oasis that reflects your personal style and enhances your overall pool experience. In this blog post, we will explore six exciting ideas to spruce up your swimming pool area, adding beauty, functionality, and a touch of luxury.

Create a Stylish Poolside Lounge

Designing a stylish and comfortable lounge area around your pool is a fantastic way to elevate its appeal. Invest in high-quality outdoor furniture, such as lounge chairs, daybeds, or hammocks, to create a relaxing space. Opt for weather-resistant materials like wicker or teak that can withstand outdoor elements. Enhance the comfort with plush cushions and throw pillows in vibrant colours or patterns. Add a side table or a small bar cart to keep refreshments within reach. Consider adding umbrellas or canopies to provide shade during hot summer days. A well-designed poolside lounge provides a chic and inviting space for sunbathing, reading, or simply unwinding by the pool.

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only enhances the safety of your fibreglass pools perth area but also creates a magical ambience during evening hours. Consider a combination of functional and decorative lighting elements. Install LED lights along walkways and stairs for visibility and to prevent accidents. Hang string lights or lanterns above the pool area to create a warm and enchanting atmosphere. Use spotlights to highlight landscaping features like trees or waterfalls. Consider installing underwater pool lights to add a mesmerising glow to the water. Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your pool area even after sunset, extending the usability and beauty of the space.

Add Water Features

Introducing water features to your pool area can add a touch of elegance and serenity. Consider options like a cascading waterfall, a decorative fountain, or a tranquil water wall. The sound of flowing water creates a soothing ambience and enhances the pool environment. Choose a water feature that complements the style and size of your pool, ensuring it blends seamlessly with the overall design. The addition of a water feature not only creates visual interest but also provides a relaxing focal point in your pool area. Consider adding underwater jets or bubblers for a therapeutic experience.

Install a Poolside Bar or Kitchenette

Take your poolside entertaining to the next level by installing a poolside bar or kitchenette. A poolside bar provides a convenient spot to prepare and serve drinks, making poolside gatherings more enjoyable. Equip it with a mini-fridge, a sink, and a countertop for easy food and beverage preparation. If space allows, consider adding a built-in grill or BBQ area for outdoor cooking. Install a pergola or a canopy over the bar area to provide shade and shelter. A poolside kitchenette creates a central gathering point, allowing you to entertain guests and serve refreshments without having to leave the pool area. It adds functionality and a touch of luxury to your poolside experience.

Create a Tropical Paradise with Landscaping

Transform your pool area into a tropical paradise by incorporating lush landscaping elements. Surround your pool with palm trees, colourful tropical plants, and vibrant flowers. Create layers by using different plant heights and textures. Add natural elements like rocks, pebbles, or a small waterfall to mimic a tropical oasis. Consider using potted plants and planters to add versatility and mobility to your landscaping design. The tropical landscaping not only adds aesthetic appeal but also creates a relaxing and visually stunning environment, transporting you to a vacation-like paradise. Consider adding a poolside cabana or gazebo to enhance the tropical ambience.

Enhance with Outdoor Art and Decor

Infuse your pool area with personality and style by incorporating outdoor art and decorative elements. Install a mosaic tile mural on a pool wall or create a gallery of outdoor artworks. Hang colourful wind chimes or mobiles to add movement and sound. Place decorative sculptures or statues strategically around the pool area to create focal points and visual interest. Consider adding outdoor rugs, cushions, and throw pillows to make the poolside seating area more inviting. By incorporating art and decor, you add a unique and visually captivating touch to your pool area. Consider adding an outdoor sound system to enjoy music while lounging by the pool.

You Can Add To Your Pool Gradually

One of the great things about owning a pool is the freedom to enhance and customise it over time. Unlike other fixed structures, a pool provides the opportunity to add new features and elements gradually, allowing you to spruce it up according to your preferences and budget. Whether it’s incorporating a stylish poolside lounge, installing outdoor lighting, adding water features, or integrating a poolside bar or kitchenette, the ability to make gradual improvements ensures that your pool area evolves with your changing tastes and needs. This incremental approach allows you to create a unique and personalised oasis that reflects your style while enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of your pool. From small additions to larger upgrades, the joy of owning a pool lies in the freedom to continually enhance and transform it over time.


With these six ideas, you have a range of options to spruce up your swimming pool area. Whether it’s creating a stylish poolside lounge, incorporating outdoor lighting, adding water features, installing a poolside bar or kitchenette, creating a tropical paradise with landscaping, or enhancing with outdoor art and decor, each idea brings its charm and transforms your pool area into a captivating and enjoyable space. Let your creativity flow and create a pool area that reflects your personal style while providing an oasis of relaxation and entertainment. For all your fibreglass pool needs. Contact the experts at Factory Pools Perth for an obligation-free quote.

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