A Quick Buying Guide For Window Treatments


Windows are built-in structures in a home or office space. The kind of window treatment you use can make or break the functionality and aesthetics of the entire space. You can have a lot of light or a dull stuffy room. The windows can enhance the beauty of the room and become the focal point in the home.

 Any homeowner can learn the art of using window treatments to achieve the desired results.  Additionally, one can talk to an interior décor expert for guidelines when purchasing window shades.

  1. Take an inventory of the target windows

What kind of windows do you intend to dress? Do they form the focal point in that room? Do you want a lot of natural light, or do you want to create a darkroom effect by blocking all light from the outside?

These questions decide the type of fabric, design, and pattern that you should buy. Drapes may be ideal for the bedroom while curtains and shades may be the best for the living room. Your motivation should be your desired results and needs. 

  1. Note the window dimensions and shape 

Most windows are rectangular or arched.  A bay-shaped window is tricky to dress, while a circular frame may need creativity to achieve a finished look. It is also imperative to consider how it opens because a sliding window differs from an awning one.

Double and single-hung windows slide vertically and are easy to dress. On the other hand, a casement opens like a door because a hinged frame lies on one side. 

  1. The purpose of the window treatment 

What are the functional needs for the window treatment? If you’re looking to spruce up your living room, the choice of fabric, design and pattern is a critical factor to consider. Apart from aesthetics, you may want to invest in UV-treated heavy fabric to block intense sun rays from damaging your floor, furniture, and electronics. 

  1. What options are available for your needs

 There are many window treatments available in the market. Your choice depends on your taste and desired results. Ask your window treatment provider to give you a variety of shades, blinds, drapes, and curtains so you can choose to suit your uniqueness.

 If you are looking for convenience and willing to spend on design and sophistication, you can invest in motorized blinds or remote-controlled shades. The most recent innovation uses a Wi-Fi connection and allows for remote operations.

  1. How to clean the window treatment

Most window treatments can survive with regular dusting and vacuum cleaning. However, it is critical to learn the cleaning requirements of the kind of window treatment you choose.

You can clean curtains and drapes made from polyester, cotton, and linen in the washing machine. To clean blinds, you can wipe the slats with a damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water. If the slates are made from vinyl, you can carefully remove them and add some detergent for better results.

Window treatments are a worthwhile investment in any home. Visit the leading provider in your locality and choose the best you can afford

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