An Environment-Friendly Pool For Summer Days


Maintaining good hygiene takes priority in swimming pool upkeep. WHO has provided international specifications to curtail chemical and microbial menaces for water bodies, including pools. The public as well as health workers, are susceptible to water affiliated diseases. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has furnished detailed procedures on waterborne illnesses and pool disinfection.

Bacteria, microbes, and other hazardous germs are killed by the chemicals used for maintaining the water quality. Chlorine is the prime chemical used for treating pool water. The reaction of chlorine with water and other substances produces a gas that mixes with atmospheric air. After a few days of use, the pool water also needs to be discharged. This causes serious environmental concerns.

Two Simple Procedures To Reduce Environmental Risks

Below are two immediate quick fixes to minimise the dangers to our habitat from a pool.

  1. After treating the pool water with chlorine or other chemicals, release the water only after three days. The chlorine gases would have evaporated by then.
  2. If you have a lawn, discharge pool water to it instead of pouring out into sewers. The soil and grass of your lawn will perform as natural filters. This will also double as a source of water for the lawn.

Fibreglass pools are easy to clean and don’t require chemicals.

Strict No No

Commit to being responsible for your neighborhood and environment. Avoid doing these cardinal mistakes which are taken for granted.

  1. Don’t empty your pool water into neighboring properties.
  2. Never drain pool water containing chemical substances into natural growths or ravines that are environmentally delicate.

iii. Abstain from releasing pool water into natural water bodies.

  1. Use pool test kits to test chlorine levels before releasing the water. Ensure that the chemicals have dispersed.

Sand Filter Vs. Cartridge Filter

The amount of water used up by cartridge filters is much less, so they boast of being the greenest pool filters. D E filters and sand require backwashing quite often. Cartridge filters need washing once in six months only. In the case of fibreglass pools, the frequency of cleaning is much less.

Some people have pointed out a negative matter about cartridges- they are not biodegradable. This is compensated by the quantity of water saved since they are long-lasting.

Solar Heaters To Save Natural Resources

Electrical and natural gas heaters are commonly used to heat fibreglass pools cairns. They are eating up natural resources. A solar water heater is the most eco-friendly option to heat your pool. The insulation nature of fibreglass keeps the water warm for longer durations.

The only argument against a solar pool heater is the higher upfront costs. They do not incur any running costs after installation. Usually, their cost is recovered in less than two years from the money saved on electricity and gas bills.

Viable Alternative To Create Eco-Friendly Pools

Innovative designs of natural swimming pools are available. The advantages of going to a natural pool design are:

  1. Variety of styles to choose from.
  2. Low maintenance costs.

iii. Give the appearance of a natural lake or a pond.

  1. Do not require raucous chemicals for treating its water.

Did you know the use of natural materials like clay and gravel adds to the aesthetics of your pool? It also enhances the pool’s adaptation to the environment.

Mechanics Of A Natural Swimming Pool

A natural pool is an ecosystem by itself while it is chemical-free and eco-friendly due to its self-sufficient character. A natural pool has two distinct areas:

  1. The regeneration zone where natural aquatic plants grow.
  2. The swimming area.

A natural pool doesn’t use chlorine or any other chemical to clean its water. It provides users with swimming experiences in natural water. The quality is at par with accepted social norms or way above for water used for bathing. The fibreglass lining of the swimming area doesn’t permit algae to grow on them.

How Do Natural Pools Maintain Water Quality?

We learned that a natural pool has two sections- the first section for swimming and the other for regeneration. The two are separated with natural membrane walls built with silt and soil.

The regeneration zone: It is filled with natural water plants that absorb impurities and breathe good air into the water to cleanse it naturally without the use of chemicals. This makes the water of a natural pool eco-friendly and chemical-free. New water enters the zone and passes into the swimming area as naturally filtered clean water through the organic walls that complete the filtering process.

What Are The Cons Of A Natural Swimming Pool?

A pool that uses naturally clarified water is excellent for the skin and the environment at the same time. All perks come with some sweat. Certain considerations are necessary for owning a classic natural pool.

  1. The aquatic life needs care and maintenance like a garden in your backyard.
  2. You need to find extra space to accommodate the regeneration zone or else be ready to be content with a smaller swimming zone.

iii. The initial expenses require the service of a landscaping professional. A plumber is also required to make necessary amendments.

A fibreglass pool comes ready-made and the necessary alterations can be made easily and at a faster pace on its walls.

If you have a professional blueprint to modify your existing pool or to build a pool from scratch, the result will have the below charms:

  1. Sloping sides if it suits your aesthetic sense.
  2. The separate zone set aside for plant life can be used as a poolside place to cool off.

The dazzling polished finish of a natural pool is achieved from the use of a gel applied on the surface of the fibreglass. The finished walls are congenial with saline waters and do not erode.

A fibreglass pool may not altogether exclude expenses for cleaning chemicals, but it needs only much lesser quantities. The maintenance expenses of a natural pool are nearly zero while it emits great appeal and charm.

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