Mark Roemer Oakland Explains How to Choose the Best Gas Barbecue



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, choosing gas barbeque can be a challenge since there are so many different types of grills available from big, high-end premium models to budget-friendly entry-level options. Not to mention, you have to consider your use-case scenario and navigate through many marketing jargons to make the best purchase decision.

The Details

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a gas barbeque:

  1. Affordability – In order to narrow down the gas barbeque options you must first figure out your budget. Gas grills can be classified into four major class options that come with different features, durability, aesthetics and each has its own price range.

Entry-level options are the most beginner-friendly since they are affordable and come with all the basic functionalities that you can expect from a gas barbeque. Practical gas grills are a better value for money since they have better build quality, have decent heat retention, and still remain wallet friendly.

Premium gas grills are more expensive, but they come with a wide range of accessories that enable you to personalize your grill. Plus, they come with lifetime warranties and are made with commercial-grade stainless steel. Finally, you can choose luxury gas grills if you want top-of-the-line features that make cooking a joy and come equipped with the most features. These are beautifully designed and made with the highest quality parts but are also quite costly.

  1. Gas type – Gas grills come in two types — propane gas grills and natural gas grills. Propane gas grills are ideal for homeowners that don’t have natural gas lines. Such grills are more portable but come with the added responsibility of having to refuel the propane fuel tanks. However, refueling is easy and can be done by visiting your local propane distributor.

Natural gas grills are highly convenient for homeowners with natural gas lines since you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel and you can cook all you want. You just have to pay the pill for the natural gas just like a water or electricity bill.

  1. Configuration type – Built-in gas grills are often purchased with full lines of matching outdoor kitchen equipment and are a part of BBQ islands. These can improve the value of your home by a hefty sum. Freestanding gas grills are mobile since these are built into movable carts with an enclosed storage area for storage accessories and fuel.
  1. Grill size – Small gas grills have a cooking surface of 26 inches or smaller and are ideal for small families. Medium gas grills have a cooking surface of 27-33 inches and come with 2-4 burners.

Large gas grills come with 3-6 burners and are 34-42 inches wide. These are great for cooking grand meals for large families. Finally, XL gas grills have a surface area of more than 43 inches and come with as many as 8 burners.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you consider the way you like to cook to choose the most suited gas barbeque for your needs. For instance, you can choose infrared grills if you want to cook in high heat, have fewer flare-ups, and have more moisture retention while cooking. Alternatively, you can choose charcoal/gas combo grills for low-and-slow smoking.

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