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Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with An Easy Guide for Buying Luxury Lighting

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According to Mark Roemer Oakland, luxury lighting can elevate your home decor to a whole new level. However, most people shy away from installing luxury lighting on their property due to budget restraints and the lack of appropriate knowledge which prevents them from choosing the most appropriate products.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow when shopping for luxury lighting:

  1. Consider the luxurious effects you want – You can achieve a wide range of effects by incorporating luxury lighting inside your home. For instance, you can use accent lights, task lighting, and ambient lights to create a spotlight effect to highlight architectural elements, art pieces, and other such important designs.

Upward lighting allows you to create a warm and subtle glow inside your home without the drawbacks of downward lighting. Wall washing or wall grazing utilizes vertical beams or strips of lights to create the illusion of space.

  1. Living room lighting – The living room of your house should be incorporated with bold and glamorous lighting since it’s where you entertain your guests. And the best way to strike an impression of awe-inspiring beauty is to install an eye-catching chandelier in your living room.

These crystalline fixtures are be considered the epitome of luxury lighting and definitely a must if you want to strike a good impression when you entertain your guests.

  1. Bedroom lighting – At the end of a long day, we retire into our bedrooms to relax and rejuvenate. Thus, the lighting inside it should reflect the purpose of the bedroom — to set a mood suitable for relaxing and unwinding from the stress. And the best way to achieve this is to install mood lights such as low-hanging pendant lights or table lights near the headboard. Additionally, you can also install central pendants and wall scones to improve the ambiance.
  1. Dining room lighting – The dining room should include a coherent glow which you can achieve by layering lights. However, the possibilities are endless. For instance, you can add general-purpose lighting in most areas and task lighting in certain areas. You can also consider accent lights to further boost the beauty and ambiance of the room. However, pendant lights are more suitable in dining rooms for their diversity in size and design than chandeliers.
  1. Bathroom lighting – Typically, installing a variety of track and task lighting should be enough for your bathroom. However, to give it a luxurious look, you can make use of radiant sunlight which is much more preferable compared to artificial lighting. You can install sheer drapes to improve the effect of natural lighting. Alternatively, you can also install large mirrors to allow the natural light to bounce around inside the property and illuminate almost every corner of it.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that everybody has a different definition of luxury which depends on their taste. However, whether you use vintage or contemporary solutions, you can achieve luxury with a little creativity and style.

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