Matt Davies Stockton Examines Why It Is Important to Unblock Your Drains



According to Matt Davies Stockton, your drains can get clogged due to debris, hair dirt, grease, and other nasty stuff. If you don’t unblock your drains and keep them clean, you have to face a multitude of problems. Let’s check out why it is important to unblock your drains.

The Details

  1. No foul smell – When the drain is blocked, waste starts to build up inside it. As the waste breaks down and decomposes, it starts to release an exceptionally foul smell that can spread throughout your entire home. The waste is usually made up of the grime that is washed out or the food that is thrown down.

Both of those wastes have a lot of organic matter that becomes perfect food for all kinds of bacteria and insects in the humid environment of the drain. It can quickly become a health hazard if you don’t get your drain unblocked.

  1. Save money – Sometimes unblocking the drain is a major chore and if things are dire, you may need professional help. Either way, it’s going to cost you some amount of money, time, and patience and that’s why homeowners keep delaying it. While you can save a small amount of money by not cleaning the durian right now, you’re losing out a lot of money in the long run.

When you clean your drains, it brings long-term benefits. Your drainage system and pipes stay healthy for a longer time and that means you get them replaced less frequently. Moreover, clogged drains incur a hidden recurring cost. When drains are clogged, they are more prone to cracks and leaks and that means you spend more on your water bill.

  1. Drains last longer – As mentioned above, when you unblock your drains and keep them clean, you can significantly stretch out the lifespan of your drainage system. When your drains and pipes are clean and maintained, they remain structurally sound for a lot longer and are able to withstand the strains and stresses of regular use. So, signs of wear and tear are less frequent with proportionally less frequent need for repairs and replacement.
  1. Speed it up – When your drain remains unclean and clogged, the flow is very inefficient. Drain blockages don’t happen overnight. They happen very slowly over time as grime, hair, debris, and food particles accumulate and build up. That’s why you are less likely to notice the reduced speed of your drainage system.

When the pipes and drains are left in this condition for an extended period of time, you’ll waste a lot of time each week plunging your drainage system and cutting down on shower times due to water buildup. The problem can be easily solved by thoroughly cleaning out your drains.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you unblock your drains as soon as possible to get rid of all that nasty stuff. It’s unhygienic and can balloon into a disaster if no action is taken. You can hire a professional to do the job as well.

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