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Reasons to Get That Tree Stump Out of Your Yard

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Many people wonder how to deal with tree stumps after removing a tree from their yard. You may keep the tree stump and use it as a beautiful feature in your yard, but most individuals tend to have it removed. Although the stump may not seem to be a concern at first glance, leaving one in your yard might turn it into one. Once again, there is no need to maintain a stump once a tree is removed. Here are some of the reasons why you should think about contacting stump removal LA:

1.    Insects may be drawn to decaying stumps.

When a tree stump is allowed to degrade over time, the rotting debris may attract carpenter ants, termites, and other pests. If the stump is close to other living trees, it may simply provide a health risk to these plants; pests are drawn to the stump. If the stump is close to a structure, it may attract wood-destroying insects, which might cause damage to your house or business.

2.    Stumps are dangerous.

Youngsters playing in a yard with a stump pose a severe danger of serious harm, and children running rapidly may not detect the stump. Visitors may tumble on roots that have sprouted from the stump. Anyone walking around the yard after dark is at danger of stumbling over the uneven surface. A backyard party might result in a visitor getting injured by stumbling over an unseen tree stump. Soil surrounding the stump might settle, resulting in depressions cause trip-and-fall accidents. No one wants a visitor to get harmed, and the liability considerations that arise as a result of an incident are always a source of concern.

3.    Stumps stimulate the development of new trees.

Leaving the stump alone may sometimes encourage new sprouts, resulting in a ring of miniature plants growing all around the stump. This is ugly in your landscape and may be fairly expensive to remove since the young shoots may reappear and you may need chemicals to totally kill them off. These little trees also leach nutrients from nearby plants, so your blooms may not get all of the nutrients they need.

4.    Stumps are unsightly.

Tree stumps are unsightly, particularly when they appear in the centre of a well-kept lawn .They may also cause problems while mowing and they make you work harder because you have to pull out the weed whacker to remove all of the long blades of grass at the base of the stump.

5.    Stumps may cause harm to your property.

Even after a tree has been chopped down, its roots might continue to develop. To find water, roots may expand and grow into subterranean pipelines. They fracture and break as a result, polluting your water source and flooding your property. Aggressive tree roots are overlooked until an issue arises.

6.    Stumps make mowing the grass difficult.

It might be tough to mow your lawn when tree stumps are in the way. It is difficult to manoeuvre the heavy lawnmower around tree stumps, and you may wind up with unevenly cut grass. Furthermore, if you accidently run into the stump, you may harm the mower. Remove the stump to prevent this.


We understand that there may be circumstances that make stump removal difficult, such as local barriers or access restrictions. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of removing the stump, and have a tree service do stump grinding or stump removal whenever feasible.

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