Repaving A Driveway, Is It Worth The Money?


Your driveway and its condition can affect the overall appearance of your home. Not to mention its functionality can be compromised if it’s worn or damaged. If your driveway has seen better days, you may be wondering if having it repaved is worth the money. In this post, we’ll explain all.

Do I have to get my driveway repaved?

Of course, you don’t have to have your driveway repaved but there are many benefits to doing so. Repaving can protect your driveway from further deterioration and give it a renewed appearance. If 75% or more of your driveway is damaged, it’s highly recommended that you get repaving done rather than repairs as the repairs will not suffice and a replacement will be needed soon after anyway.

What is repaving?

Repaving is essentially redoing the asphalt or bitumen. This process involves removing the old driveway to make way for the new one. Once the damaged layer of the driveway is removed, a new layer of asphalt can be laid.

To finish, we’ll apply seal coating to the driveway to give it a lustrous and impermeable finish. The old asphalt that was ripped up from your driveway can then be recycled. Many don’t realise that asphalt is a sustainable product that can be 100% recycled.

The benefits of repaving your driveway

Makes the driveway structurally strong again

When an asphalt driveway is reasonably damaged, water will often permeate into the subgrade material and compromise the entire structure of the foundation that it was laid on. Repaving fixes any old issues and makes the driveway strong and durable again.

Improves its appearance

When asphalt is freshly laid, it’s deep in colour and looks striking, the same cannot be said when it’s old and outdated. Repaving gives your asphalt driveway Sunshine Coast a facelift and will have it looking brand-new again.

What can I do if my driveway has minor damage that doesn’t warrant repaving the whole thing?

There are other options available if you want to fix up your driveway but it doesn’t need major work, and they are as follows:


You may be able to restore your driveway to its former glory if the damage is not severe. Driveway resurfacing is a wise choice because it’s affordable and increases the driveway’s lifespan. This is a suitable option for driveways with minor to moderate damage.


If your driveway is in otherwise good condition but has a pothole or two, a repair job may be all that’s needed to remedy it. This involves filling the affected area only. If you have many potholes, repaving may be the only appropriate course of action.

How to prevent damage to your driveway

Regular maintenance and seal coating are two of the most effective ways to protect your driveway. Sweeping your driveway every week can ensure it stays in good condition. Sealcoating adds a protective barrier to the asphalt and prevents contaminants and water from seeping into the surface which can cause widespread damage.

Repaving is a worthwhile investment

Having your driveway repaved when needed is not only beneficial to the aesthetics of your home but it ensures that it doesn’t become a hazard when driven or walked on. Unfortunately, the longer you leave a severely damaged driveway, the worse it will get.

If your driveway needs to be repaved, be sure to get in touch with us at Bitumen Constructions! We have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that your repaving job runs smoothly and more importantly, is completed to the highest standards. Contact us today for more information.

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