Six Ways Professional Carpenter Ant Exterminators Use to Remove an Ant Infestation


Carpenter ants are hard to eliminate, particularly around rainy seasons because of the presence of a damp environment where they can thrive in. Professional ant exterminators may need to apply multiple treatments for up to one year to completely eliminate the infestation. They depend on various products and methods, depending on the nature and extent of the infestation to deal with problème fourmis. Here’s what these experts do:

Use Dust Material Treatment

This treatment method is primarily used when the carpenter ant infestation takes place indoors. Exterminators use professional-grade ant dust to help expose hidden ant colonies and eliminate carpenter ants. While this treatment is available over-the-counter, DIY pesticides don’t contain the potent active ingredients that experts use.

Treat Ants with Residual Insecticides

These insecticides retain their potency long after application and are used for long-term pest control. Professional exterminators may use them for treating nests directly or creating a barrier to prevent ants from ants nesting outdoors from entering a home.

Use Water-Based Insecticides

These insecticides are used as an alternative to insecticide dust. They are an ideal treatment option for cracks, crevices, and other areas that are hard or impossible to treat with an insecticide dust. Also, the liquid pesticide can reduce a colony’s size.

Destroy Ant Nest with Mist Treatment

Exterminators use this treatment on infested wood surfaces like beams, wall voids, and doors. The ultra-light mist is applied using a pressurized piece of equipment. It destroys nests inside wooden structures.

Utilise Ant Bait

Although slow-acting, ant bait can effectively exterminate carpenter ants. This infestation treatment involves putting poison to the ant’s main source of food. And when the worker ants take this contaminated food back to their colony, the food will eventually kill all the ants in the nest.

Apply Perimeter Treatment

This treatment is usually used in addition to indoor ant extermination methods. Exterminators will apply the treatment to the house’s perimeter to prevent ants from getting into it.

The use of pesticides is highly regulated in Canada, so consumers cannot buy professional-grade chemicals that guarantee extermination. What consumers can get are over-the-counter products that don’t have the potent active ingredients that can effectively kill carpenter ants. Only a professional exterminator can ensure successful and permanent carpenter ant removal. They will first identify all the colonies before they apply the most appropriate measure. Aside from treating existing ant issues in homes, experts also offer advice so that homeowners do not have to deal with the same issue in the future.

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