The Advantages Of A Granite Countertop


For a very long-time, granite countertops were only seen in luxury homes. Today, granite like Snow White Quartz for example covers kitchen worktops in many French kitchens. It has not lost its beauty, durability, or functionality and remains one of the most sought-after materials for kitchen worktops.

The advantages of a granite countertop

A Strong And Durable Material

Solid as a rock can often be read to describe it. And such is the case! Granite is a tough material and is very resistant to scratches and cuts. It is so difficult to cut directly on its surface that even stainless-steel knives would “break their teeth” on it. Its great hardness should, therefore, not be underestimated.

To get to the bottom of it, place it on the Mohs scale, which measures the hardness and resistance of minerals. On this scale of 1 to 10, with Talc as the least hard material and the hardest diamond (which can only be scratched with another diamond), granite comes in the 7th position, just that! Topaz only precedes it, that is to say! In terms of hardness, we are therefore served in the context of using a kitchen worktop!

From the block of granite to the slice, to then manufacture a work plan

But that’s not all. The granite worktop is also very heat resistant, and it is worth knowing that hot pans do not eat away at a granite coating. Note that the melting point of granite is around 1200 degrees Celsius, so we can easily imagine that a hot pan (around 200 degrees) does not scare it. Whether you take a very hot dish out of the oven or remove a hot pan from the stove, it does not matter to the granite, and the granite worktop will suffer no physical damage.

A Granite Worktop: It’s Aesthetic!

Granite countertops are highly valued for their very rare beauty and even more so because they are unique. Each granite worktop corresponds to the perfectly identifiable portion of a granite block weighing several tons.

It is one of the wonders of mother nature. Granites exist in many colors, patterns, veining, and gradients; in short, granite is magnificent! And that is why people are willing to pay top dollar for one of those slices of granite block taken from a mountain, cut, and then shaped by human hand. and high-end specialized equipment. Some like shiny granite, that is, polished to a high degree; others prefer it honed, that is, in a satin finish and with a somewhat more versatile appearance. Still others like it flamed, bush-hammered, or raw. There are finishes and textures for all tastes. In any case, everyone will appreciate the uniqueness of each granite block.

There is always a granite that corresponds to his desires. Whether you are looking for a granite worktop for a kitchen with a modern and minimalist atmosphere or intended for a more industrial and vintage atmosphere, there is certainly a granite that can match your project. If you are an interior design enthusiast, you will understand why almost all designers claim that granite is their favorite material for worktops.

Granite And Wood Kitchen

In summary:

Granite like in Granite Selection for instance is a very aesthetic material, and its visual appeal is indisputable. It is available in various colors (several hundred different granites) to suit all tastes. A granite worktop gives a plush look to a kitchen, a lively look, and a noble and natural material.

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