The Most Photogenic Interior Design Trends of 2022


These days, your home’s design isn’t solely for sharing with those who might walk through the door. Residents are now able to celebrate and share their interior styles and decorations via social media platforms, even gaining a following because of their keen eye for stunning aesthetics.

The benefits of photogenic designs aren’t just for a follower count either, and many trends develop because of their innate beauty and comfort, in some cases because of the potential impact they have upon wellbeing within the home too.

If you’re thinking of taking on a new interior design project or want your home to have a greater photographic promise, then we have just the list for you, sharing some of the most photogenic styles and trends of 2022.

Celebrating Earth

It’s time to open your doors and windows, removing all things industrial and welcoming nature. Earthen paint colours are becoming more popular, with various shades of green and brown helping homes to feel more connected to a natural and rich environment. Even the types of paints being used are changing, with sustainable, often clay-based paints being preferred.

Modular Spaces

With a great pressure upon living spaces to accommodate multiple purposes, such as the balance between professional and personal lives, modular interior designs are taking over. This means that adaptable furniture and spaces that can be quickly changed to suit different purposes are set to be even more common, which benefits photographers that want to increase the content that can be created from even modest spaces.

Return Of Rustic

Celebrating the character of antiques, the luxury of log cabins, and the signature imperfections of second-hand furniture is in vogue. Influencers are no longer interested in pristine quality and decadence, and are, instead, seeking out unique assets that have their own rustic character.

Statement Wallpapers

The understatement of minimalist aesthetics is slowly disappearing. Instead, residents are celebrating their personalities with statement wallpapers. These bold and impactful prints not only promote positivity and wellbeing but also offer stunning backdrops for content creators who want to stand out.

Pop Vintage

The word vintage has been well-wrung. However, it has often been associated with dull colours and dusty garments. Now, with the return of pop vintage, the electric styles of 60s pop culture is making its return, elevating interior designs with resplendency and textural variety.


One form of revivalism is the grandmillenial aesthetic. This trend sees residents filter the most appealing aspects of their grandparent’s interior designs, from floral prints to the presence of lace and doilies. Materials such as felt and moleskin are returning too, with an emphasis on their refinement and comfort.

Power Clashing

The rule book on complementing colours is being forgotten and new generations are bringing multiple, often conflicting, colours into their homes, promoting an array of colours and power clashing. This confident aesthetic is a brave statement that, when done correctly, demonstrates a brilliantly keen eye for style. Bold colours also help images to stand out, grabbing the attention of followers.

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