The process of remodelling a fireplace


A fireplace may be a statement point in your living room or just a chilling spot for yourself or your family. It adds the overall decor to your home, making it look homey and warmer. If you want to add it or change the initial model of your fireplace, here are a few steps for you to follow;

Decide if you want to demolish or refurbish

Create a clear strategy before you can begin your process. In the strategy, you must decide if you would prefer to demolish the entire fireplace or refurbish it to create a new feel. Demolishing will involve a lot more work which includes the removal of the whole fireplace and then rebuilding it using the new model you want to incorporate. It will therefore cost more time and money compared to doing a refurbishment. Refurbishing will involve adding a few while removing some from the existing fireplace, which will include the chimney as well.

Decide your fireplaces burn method

The way you want your fireplace to burn might involve the type of fuel that you use. The type of fuel you want to use for your fireplace to burn will determine many things and assist you in making your fireplace design and chimney creation. The different types of fuel used in fireplaces include;

  • Fireplace burning using gas- most people who live a busy life prefer a gas fireplace which may be families or couples. This is to reduce the hustle of chopping firewood and in case they want to maintain the luxurious feel of their home.
  • Electric fireplace- the electric fireplace is one of the modern fireplaces that has increased in popularity. The installation is more straightforward compared to the other type of fireplaces.
  • Wood fireplaces- this has been the most con for a while, and they are the most dependent on having a chimney. The remodelling and renovation of the fireplace of the wood fireplace will include the cleaning and renovation of the chimney. To get your chimney taken care of, it is essential to deal with a professional chimney company that sells sweeping and renovation of chimneys. Search for a sweeping company depending on your location. If you are in Beverly Hills, for example, you can check out chimney sweep cleaning Beverly hills.

The size of the fireplace

It is essential to determine the size of your fireplace while you are strategising your renovation. The remodelling method is dependent on the size of the fireplace and chimney. If you do not want to adjust or deal with the sides of the fireplace, you can add some cosmetic cha goes and materials to enhance the fireplace’s appearance to your liking. If you want to change the size of your fireplace, it will take longer and cost more since it will involve demolishing and putting up a new structure with more careful measures to ensure that the structure of the rest of the house is not affected. Once you decide the size of the fireplace, you must work hand in hand with a professional company that deals with fireplaces.

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