What Are Types of Texture Painting?


If you are looking for a change from the same old plain-coloured walls for your house, then selecting texture painting is the way to go for creating an eye-catching glance. Textured wall paint can give a refreshing look to your walls and make them stand out from the ordinary and monotonous plain coloured walls. Texture painting helps to create a recurring type of pattern that is used to cover ceilings and drywalls for a distinctive appearance.

A wall texture design can be used to complement fall ceilings, create mesmerizing accent walls, or cover the entire wall space for a dynamic effect. A wall texture design is also suitable for remodelling a wall that has been affected by water damage, bumps, or unevenness. There are a variety of interior as well as exterior wall textures that can be created as per the theme and layout of your house.

Let’s take a look at the different types of interior and exterior wall textures that you can select for your home.

Skip Trowel Wall Texture Design

The skip trowel texture is used to design regal and rustic-looking textured walls that can be created conveniently with the use of a single tool. A trowel knife is used to create the skip trowel texture by spreading a thin layer of plaster material on the surface of the wall. Random patterns are created on the wall surface with the use of the trowel knife where the plaster is spread on the wall with light strokes while skipping some areas of the wall surface.

Combing Wall Texture Design

The combing wall texture is created by carving a recurring set of grouped lines on the wall that are designed at a particular angle. The combing wall texture communicates a sense of symmetry with recurring line patterns while using the principle of simplicity. The process of creating a combing wall texture design starts with the application of a primer on the wall which is allowed to dry. Then a comb trowel tool is used to create recurring line patterns on the wall with a rainbow pattern being the most popular.

Popcorn Wall Texture Design

The popcorn wall texture is one of the most popular texture paints used to create interior and exterior wall textures for a long time. The popcorn wall texture is created using a Hopper Gun that helps to create a thick layer of texture on the wall that resembles the look and feel of popcorn. The popcorn wall texture is the most suitable to design the ceiling of the house to perfectly complement a false ceiling alongside it.

Slap Brush Texture Design

A variety of thin-lined textured wall designs can be created with the help of the slap brush texture technique. To create the slap brush texture design, apply a mixture of drywall compound to the wall and create the desired texture using a special texture brush. Different types of slap brush textures can be created on the wall using special brushes offering patterns such as rosebud, panda paw, stamp, crow feet, and much more.

Knockdown Texture Design

The first step to create a knockdown texture is to apply a base coat of paint on the wall and let it dry completely. After the paint is dry, a painting knife is used to create the texture by knocking down the paint at random points on the wall. The knockdown texture design can also be created by using special tools that are available in the market.

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