Why Does Your Commercial Building Smell So Bad?


If your commercial property smells so bad, it may affect your employees’ productivity. A foul smell may also drive your potential customers away. If the smell comes from one or more of the raw materials you use, it’s high time you changed your odor control products. Otherwise, you need to find the source of the bad smell and eliminate it.

Some of the causes of bad odor in commercial buildings include the following:

1.    Commercial Drains

Bathtubs, showers, sinks, and commercial kitchens are another source of bad odor in commercial structures. When floor drain traps run dry, they will release a bad smell because of the decomposing organic matter that can’t seep out. To avoid this problem, ensure the drains are flushed regularly with lots of water. Also, check the drains for any clogging from debris, food, and hair. If your drainage system has an issue, call an experienced plumber to fix things. Bacterial buildup can occur, resulting in a health risk.

2.    Urine Odors From Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are the most common source of foul odor in commercial buildings. This is more profound in men’s restrooms. In most cases, the smell is caused by urine splashes on walls. If it takes your cleaners a long time to mop the urinal, this smell can worsen. It is even more embarrassing if the urinals are close to offices. In women’s restrooms, the smell could come from waste disposals.

Whatever the case, men’s and women’s restrooms need regular mopping and strong odor control products. You must be proactive with the drip systems, urinal/tile floor mats, and urinal screens. Make sure they are clean and well-disinfected.

3.    Mold and Mildew

Mildew, mold, and algae grow in damp or moist places. If you feel that “old house” or “musty” smell in your office, you could have a mildew or mold problem. The leading causes of the growth of these organisms are leaks from the roof or plumbing system. They can also grow if you like spreading wet carpets on the floors. The best thing to do when you notice mold or mildew is to scrub them off, then fix whatever issues are causing the dampness before using odor control products to eliminate the smell.

4.    Sewerage System

If you notice the smell of rotten eggs on your premises, you could have a sewage system problem. Such a smell comes from sewer gas or sewage, possibly because your sewage system has issues. When sewage decomposes, it releases a smelly mixture of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane. The smell of rotten eggs actually comes from hydrogen sulfide. These gasses aren’t healthy to breathe, explaining why you must immediately call an expert when you notice such a smell.


The three causes of bad odor mentioned above are the most common. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t other causes of foul smell. Contact a cleaning company immediately if you notice an unusual odor in your commercial property. If the issue is with the plumbing system, call your local plumber to deal with it.

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