Why hire specialists for Antenna Installation?


An antenna is an important part of your TV that allows you to watch your favorite TV programs clearly. As a fact of the matter, the clarity of the pictures on TV largely depends on the quality of signals received by the antenna installed at your place.

The role of the antenna assumes importance as it is meant to receive or intercept the radio waves broadcasted from television stations. The intercepted radio waves are converted into minute radio frequency alternating currents for the tuner of your television to receive them.

Often people blame poor transmission or their own TV set for poor reception whereas there are various other factors that are responsible for affecting the reception quality. The most common factors responsible for the poor reception of TV signals include :

  • Poor quality of antenna installed
  • Age of the antenna
  • improper height of antenna installation
  • Incorrect placement on the roof
  • inaccurate antenna installation
  • Weather conditions and many more.

In addition to these factors, antenna installation by an incompetent person who is having little knowledge about TV installation and coaxial cabling can also lead to poor TV reception.

Why should a licensed electrician install your TV antenna?

A vast majority of people consider TV antenna installation to be an easy job and quite often call a simple electrician for the installation which should be avoided.

Most of the electricians associated with electrical companies Melbourne can undertake assignments involving installation, repair, and replacement of electrical wiring, electricity points, lights, and light fixtures as well as electric appliances, etc. for which they are licensed and authorized.

You can only get good quality transmission if your TV antenna is properly installed by a competent and qualified electrician who is licensed for antenna installation Melbourne.

When you need a few additional TV outlets, a knowledgeable antenna specialist electrician from Abacus Electrical, rated as one of the best electrical companies Melbourne, can be hired to have a perfect picture and sound reception from your TV set.

A well-trained and qualified, specialist in antenna installation Melbourne, is always equipped with certain specific test meters, known as Spectrum analyzers.

Spectrum analyzers help record attributes of transmitted wave or signal strength, Pre-BER, Post-BER, and MER, and adjust the antenna accordingly so as to give the best of TV reception.

Especially for UHF antennas, Satellite dishes, and with the emergence of digital TVs; it has become far more necessary to engage professionally qualified technicians for antenna installation Melbourne.

Who can offer you the best antenna installation?

By and large, the electricians working alone or with other electrical companies Melbourne,  are not qualified, trained, and licensed to take up assignments of antenna installation Melbourne.

However, there are certain customer-caring electrical companies like Abacus Electrical that have professionally qualified and fully licensed electricians for TV antenna installation in Melbourne for all types of antennas for residential, commercial, or industrial setups.

Should you need to install a new TV antenna, you may trust the expertise of Abacus Electricals – one of the top most celebrated electrical companies Melbourne.

At Abacus Electrical, we have professionally qualified and licensed expert technicians for TV antenna installation Melbourne who can offer you our best of sales and after-sales services.

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