Why is Commercial Painting So Expensive?


When it comes to painting a home, the cost can be kept quite low, especially if you undertake the painting yourself. However, if you have absolutely no experience of painting, you might want to hire a professional to ensure your home looks clean and fresh when the job is done.

The experts at Dallas Paints say that although professional painters cost more, they have the experience to get the job completed quickly and professionally. For some people, this is a massive benefit. They do not have to worry about sourcing the right equipment and then taking weeks or months to get the job done. Professional painters do this for a living and make light work of painting an entire home.

But while homeowners have the choice of painting their home themselves to reduce costs, commercial property owners rarely have that luxury. In fact, hiring commercial painters is a necessity, especially for large-scale projects.

Something worth bearing in mind is that commercial painting can be quite expensive. There are though good reasons for this, namely the size of commercial buildings in comparison to a residential property, the fact a whole team of painters may be required for the job at hand, and the number of paints and materials that will be required to complete the project.

It may be possible to get an estimate of the cost by using a commercial painting estimator tool, but it is far better to get a quote from a local painting contractor as there is much to consider when pricing up such a job.

What Do Contractors Consider When Quoting?

A professional painting contractor will take several things into consideration before providing a detailed quote. The first thing they will do is inspect the building to determine if any major repair work is required prior to painting. Other things to consider include the color of the paint required because if the client wishes to paint their building a lighter color than it currently is, more coats of paint will be needed, which will obviously increase the price. Other things contractors need to know is whether they can carry out their work during working hours, and if they will be painting the exterior and interior of the building.

When it comes to commercial painting, you can expect to pay a lot more if you require both internal and external painting. The quality of the paint chosen will also affect the price. Low quality paints can cost as little as $10 per gallon, whereas premium quality paint might cost eight times as much. Nevertheless, the higher the quality of paint, the longer it will last and the better finish you can expect.

In addition to paint and painters, your quote will include the cost of any repair or preparatory work while there will also be a charge for any other materials required such as tape, patching materials, sandpaper, etc. And don’t forget, the painters may need to hire scaffolding to complete the job if your building has more than two floors.

You can also expect a higher price should you wish internal doors, frames, and trims to be painted.

Now that you know what is involved in commercial painting, it is easy to see why it is so expensive. In addition, though, how much you pay for the work will also depend on where your commercial property is based. For example, the price for commercial painting will differ for those based in New York than from those based in Dallas. Painters charge different hourly rates but when you hire a painting company that uses its own staff, the cost for labor will be included in the quote.

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